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The Spanish Association of Metal Fastening Elements Manufacturers (ASEFI –Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Elementos de Fijación Metálicos) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1995 with the mission of bringing together the concerns and coordinating the actions of companies in the metal fastening industry, representing the interests of its members before Public Administrations and other agencies and institutions and, finally, serving as a liaison for the national industry and the rest of European companies in the sector.

ASEFI's aim is to become a forum for the participation and access to information for its member companies, as well as a tool for joint and coordinated action at both national and European level, very effective in the defence of the common interests of its members and particularly necessary for a national industry consisting mainly of SMEs.

ASEFI represents the industry of fasteners in several fields. In this respect, it holds a membership in the National Consultative Commission for External Trade, as well as the Presidency and the Technical General Secretariat of the 17th Committee for the Normalisation of Metal Fastening Elements at AENOR. It also takes part in ISO, by means of its presence in the TC2 Fasteners Committee.

The Association’s foundational objectives include, among others, ensuring respect for the principles of professional ethics in the sector, promoting the enactment of laws and regulations designed to encourage research and development, serving as a mediator in any conflicts which may arise between companies of the sector, etc.

Last, but not least, ASEFI works as a connection for the companies forming the domestic industry of metal fasteners with the rest of the sector at a European level, through its active participation in EIFI (European Institute for Fasteners Industry), the entity that brings together national associations from all the major countries in the EU, whose members are among the most important European companies in the sector.